How to install one of Live's built in Packs

Ableton Live comes with built-in Packs of samples, clips, and instruments, at no extra charge. Here are the instructions to find and install them.

1. In the browser, click on Packs, and you will see a list of Available Packs. You will have less than me, because I'm an Ableton Certified Trainer. Scroll down to the Pack called 'Chop and Swing' and click on the little downward facing arrow in the circle. This will download the file from Ableton's server onto your computer, but not install it yet.

2. When the file is downloaded, a new button will appear, 'Install'. Click this to install the Pack onto your computer.

3. The next time you click on Packs, you will see the Pack that you have installed. Click on the little triangle to see all the sub-folders.